Coming in January

Mooonlight Bay Rum

Rich, pungent, deep and dark.

For men.

Small batch-made bay rum aftershave.  

Mooonlight Bay rum is produced exclusively from premium blended rums, grain alcohol, witch hazel, fresh orange zest, hand-grated ginger and naturally extracted scents and oils from the best spices the world has to offer.

Formulation based on a 19th century recipe, Mooonlight Bay Rum feels and smells like bay rum USED to be.

Edges By Design

Get Your Shave On

Each razor received is inspected carefully for condition, stability and edge quality.  Edges are refreshed or honed as needed and every razor is stropped and shave-tested before before being sanitized, lightly oiled and returned postage paid/insured.


Contact BevelSet to ask for information about the next demonstration. Learn about straight razor handling, storage, stropping, easy maintenance methods and witness a straight razor shaving demonstration.

See For Yourself

Razor refreshing or honing is performed on a variety of natural and synthetic stones towards optimizing both a keen and smooth edge.  Final stopping employs a sequence of materials to insure best results.  BevelSet razors are sent out "Shave-Ready" and should not be stropped before next use.

Shipping to BevelSet?  Razors are fragile.  If you are sending a razor to BevelSet for service PLEASE make sure it is dry before packing. Bag- or wrap the razor to protect it from liquids in transit and BOX it securely with bubblewrap or other crush/impact absorbing media. Finally, insure your razor for replacement value. BevelSet will not be responsible for products received damaged in transit due to carrier mishandling or inadequate packaging.

Razors received in envelopes will be returned unopened.

​​Get Your Shave On With BevelSet

  • Razors honed to shave-ready.  Brushes refurbished.  Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • New or vintage razors are examined, honed and refreshed as needed, chips removed, shave tested and returned sanitized.  

  • A simple refresh is $10/razor; honing, if needed, is $20/razor.
  • For 1-8 razors add $6.40 USPS Priority Mail return with tracking and $50 insurance. CONUS only.

  • Brushes & Other Services - contact BevelSet for prices and information.

  • Within 12-months of honing a razor one "refresh" is provided for return postage only.

  • Each razor is returned with written report explaining condition and service details.

  • For insurance over $50 please add $3.00 per additional $100 insured value.

  • Turn around time usually 24-48 hours.

  • Cash, check, money order or PayPal accepted at time of order.

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Wendell, NC 27591-1776


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